Performance of No-Gravid IUDs

Performance of No-Gravid IUDs

Ros A

Contraceptive Delivery Systems. 1980 Jul; 1(3):186-8.

The No-Gravid IUD, a new V-shaped device available in 3 sizes (.5, 1, and 2 inches) which is constructed of a nylon frame on which copper wire spirals are wound, was tested for performance. 629 No-Gravid insertions were carried out from 1976-1977, in this particular study.

Insertions were always made postmenstruation. In a 3-year follow-up of this limited study, 9 pregnancies occurred, 6 were cases of complete IUD expulsion and 3 were when the IUD remained in place, and no uterine perforations or tubal pregnancies were seen. 3 cases of pelvic inflammation were detected that could be attributed to the device. A table summarized clinical evaluations (all published reports) of the No-Gravid device. 4850 women used the .5 type, 3420 used the 1 type, and 7980 were fitted with the 2 type.

Removals for bleeding/pain were 3.1-3.4 for .5 type, 2.2-2.8 for 1 type, and 2.4-2.7 for 2 type (at 1 and 2 years, respectively). Removal for other medical reasons was 3.5-5.3 for .5 type, 3.1-4.6 for 1 type, and 2.9-5.1 for 2 type. Continuation rate at 3 years was 68%, 76%, and 87%, respectively. Expulsion rate percent was 3.3-4.3, 3.8-4.6, and 2.9-3.1, respectively, by device type at year 1 and 2. 1 ectopic pregnancy occurred with both types .5 and 1, and 2 occurred with type 2. Advantage for the No-Gravid over other nonmedicated devices is fewer pregnancies, and its advantage over other medicated IUDs is its anatomical shape.


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